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ULEZ is a nationwide financial challenge.
Across 15 cities, including London, ULEZ policies are expanding. In London and the M25, 1.25 million people must decide: change vehicles or pay £3,250 annually, £270 per month.

In the face of rising costs due to inflation and high interest rates, imagine an innovative solution—an AI-powered platform with a £100,000+ invested by the founder. It can ease the burden for many of the 1.25 million affected.
Invest and earn an impressive 8% annual interest and a valuable 5% prescribed equity. Your contribution directly helps these key workers in the M25 area.

Prospectus Summary

ULEZPROSPERITY collaborates with 30 leading car manufacturer suppliers, including Audi and Volvo, to create an AI-driven platform. This platform operates on a subscription model, ensuring seamless delivery of brand-new cars to key workers.
We help drivers leverage the Mayor’s Transport for London scrappage scheme, enabling non-ULEZ compliant car owners to easily join our car subscription club, avoiding the £3,250 annual ULEZ fee. With a daily stock of 2,000+ cars, we’re well-prepared to fulfil orders promptly.
Join our investment opportunity to support the rollout of this meticulously developed platform. We’ve already invested over £100K+ in the last year and now seek seed capital for essential working capital and capex to roll out the platform in Q4 2023.

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